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Choose a voice for advertising,
corporate film, dubbing

from dozens of professional Czech actors
and dubbers. Choose a voice, send the text
and we will make the voiceover

czech voice artist databank for voice over, dubbing ON-LINE
production of voice over, production of dubbing, production of audio books, production of comments sound post-production, post-production video sound design, original music, atmospheres, effects, multimedia show production video shooting, video editing, video effects, color grading
voice over, dubbing,
audio books, comments
mix 2.0, mix 5.1,
mastering, effects
music, multimedia shows,
effects, dramaturgy

production of video advertising,
documents, music video

We produce professional voiceovers for advertising spots,
corporate videos, radio spots, product videos, corporate podcasts.

In our voice database you can choose from dozens of voices
of leading Czech actors and dubbers, send the text and we will produce
the voiceover. We also produce foreign native voiceovers (SK, ENG, DE).

Voiceovers are always recorded under the guidance
of a professional director and therefore your presence is not necessary.

We will send the final RAW recording for further processing
or we will post-production finalize it for publication (audio/video).


We produce Lip Sync dubbing or roofing dubbing for films,
series, TV shows, documentaries, PC games, applications.

You can do the casting yourself in our voice databank
or we will prepare the casting for your approval. In our databank there
are only professional actors, dubbers and children with experience.

Dubbing can be made from supplied scripts or turnkey including
translations, adaptations, songs and graphical localizations.

We localize dubbing only to CZ. Documentary films and
PC games are realized with native actors (SK, ENG, DE).



We produce professional turnkey audiobooks.
we produce any dramatic production - radio games.

As part of the turnkey production of audiobooks we offer you
complex processing of dramaturgy, forms, additions
audiobooks with music, noise effects, sound effects.

You can choose an actor for your audiobook in our
voice bank or we will suggest casting.

We also produce SK, ENG, DE, ESP localization for audiobooks
including recording with native speakers - actors.


We produce audio content for multimedia shows
(dramaturgy, voiceovers, music, effects, noise).

We produce audio for products (navigation, robotic vacuum cleaners,
toys, electronics, etc.) including specific finalizing
of sound for specific devices. We also produce e-larning, podcasts.

You can choose a voice for your project in our database of voices
where you will find dozens of leading Czech actors and dubbers.

We produce these voiceovers as standard in SK, ENG, DE, ESP
including comprehensive translations into the given language.



In our VOICE DATABANK you can choose from dozens of voices of leading Czech actors and dubbers of all ages.
If you need a voice track for your commercial, corporate video or film, just choose a voice, send the text and we will record the voice over for you.

czech voice artist databank for voice over, dubbing ON-LINE

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