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Choose a voice for advertising,
corporate film, dubbing

from dozens of professional Czech actors
and dubbers. Choose a voice, send the text
and we will make the voiceover

czech voice artist databank for voice over, dubbing ON-LINE
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voice over, dubbing,
audio books, comments
mix 2.0, mix 5.1,
mastering, effects
music, multimedia shows,
effects, dramaturgy

production of video advertising,
documents, music video

A standard page (abbreviated as NS) is a standardized page of a text with a certain number of characters (including spaces) and lines.
In the Czech environment, it is a range of text of 1,800 characters (symbols and spaces), which corresponds to thirty lines of sixty characters
or approximately 250 words of common text. Elsewhere, the codification of the scope of a standard page may differ depending on traditional
usage or depending on the legal anchor of the standard page in local legislation. For example, in Germany and some other countries,
the standard page has a range of 1,500 characters, including spaces.



In our VOICE DATABANK you can choose from dozens of voices of leading Czech actors and dubbers of all ages.
If you need a voice track for your commercial, corporate video or film, just choose a voice, send the text and we will record the voice over for you.

czech voice artist databank for voice over, dubbing ON-LINE

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